About us and our objectives

The Society for Ethics and Law in Medicine is a specialist society for doctors, lawyers, health and other professionals who have an interest in this field.

Medico-legal and ethical matters are becoming ever more prominent in Medicine.

The society aims to provide a forum whereby clinicians. lawyers and others with an interest in this area, can communicate as well as generate debate, exchange information and other relevant ideas. It will also provide a voice for those working within the speciality, allowing them to express their views and interests.

The society will also be a resource centre for those with an interest in the field and encourage the formation of networks. We hope to  provide a voice for people with an interest in this area.

In relation to ethics and law in medicine and related disciplines, the objectives of the society are:

  • To promote study and understanding
  • To provide education
  • To encourage research
  • To create a forum for discussion and interchange between individuals and groups
  • To be a pool of useful resources and links for medicolegal and ethical matters.
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