About us and our objectives

The Society for Ethics and Law in Medicine is a specialist society for doctors, lawyers, health and other professionals who have an interest in this field.

Medico-legal and ethical matters are becoming ever more prominent in Medicine.

The society aims to provide a forum whereby clinicians. lawyers and others with an interest in this area, can communicate as well as generate debate, exchange information and other relevant ideas. It will also provide a voice for those working within the speciality, allowing them to express their views and interests.

The society will also be a resource centre for those with an interest in the field and encourage the formation of networks. We hope to  provide a voice for people with an interest in this area.

In relation to ethics and law in medicine and related disciplines, the objectives of the society are:

  • To promote study and understanding
  • To provide education
  • To encourage research
  • To create a forum for discussion and interchange between individuals and groups
  • To be a pool of useful resources and links for medicolegal and ethical matters.
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Study Day 29th November 2013 – The Ageing Brain

The Ageing Brain and its Social, Ethical, Clinical and Legal consequences

2014 is the European Year of the Brain, the European Brain Council has pledged. Our meeting on 29th November this year (2013) will be  an opening associated event.

The purpose of The Age of the Brain is to change the way people think about their brains and the conditions which affect it forever, and hopefully for the better.

We have an exciting programme in prospect, which is available to be downloaded in the events page or via this link - The ageing brain its social_ethical_clinical and legal consequences

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Going live on Twitter!

We have just joined Twitter. You can follow us on Medical Ethics and Law@SELM001

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